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Terms and conditions of using IT Phobia

1. Getting help with the Information of our website is completely free.

2. Users are allowed to share articles or other content to anybody by emailing or using social media.

3. Users are permitted to write for our website. For that users should contact us and get requirements from us. If the article passed our review, we would publish it in the relevant category.

4. Users are open to sharing their opinions or providing solutions to other users via the comment box.

5. Offensive language like humiliating or abusive language is completely unexpected in the comment box. If found, the authority might act.

6. A must-required attitude from all users: Must be respectful to one and all.

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8. It is completely prohibited to violate intellectual property rights, others rights of publicity or right of privacy.

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10. To encourage or promote any violence is disallowed.

11. Posting any link of music, movie, TV, dance, hacking, insurance, banking, Loan, visa, real state, Forex, drug, Alcohol, CBD, dating, betting, casino, gambling, or adult link in content or comment box is prohibited.

12. Also prohibited any kind of illegal/inaccurate or false information/links.

13. It is prohibited to provide/push/spread any viruses/malware/fishing code/ programs to interrupt or destroy or limit the functionality of any software/hardware/other devices.

14. In the comment box it is prohibited to sell or advertise products.

15. Users are restricted to use spiders/robots/data mining techniques or any automated devices or programs to catalog.

16. Users should inform to the website authority if they found any violation.

Termination of access

Violating the Terms of Use of My Aid Locator will be subjected to termination of access for specific users. In that case, My Aid Locator will deliver the information about violence or illegal activities including the user’s personal information to the proper authority.

Complete Agreement

It’s a complete agreement between two parties (users and website authority) that includes the privacy policy of myaidlocator.com. Website authority reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time. Thanks for your kind support.

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