Name: Ellenville Regional Hospital

Physical address: 10 Healthy Way, Ellenville, NY 12428, United States


Phone: +1(1845)-647-6400


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Ellenville Regional Hospital stands as a beacon of healthcare excellence, serving both its year-round residents and the influx of summer visitors. This analysis delves into the diverse range of services offered by the hospital, showcasing its commitment to exceptional patient care. From acute inpatient services to specialized medical programs, Ellenville Regional Hospital has set ambitious goals to become a model Critical Access Hospital in the nation.

  1. Comprehensive Medical Services:
    • Acute Inpatient Services: Ellenville Regional Hospital’s acute inpatient services provide critical care to patients requiring immediate attention and hospitalization. This is a cornerstone of the hospital’s commitment to addressing urgent medical needs.
    • Ambulatory Surgery: The hospital’s ambulatory surgery services reflect a modern approach to healthcare, emphasizing minimally invasive procedures that allow for quicker recovery times and reduced hospital stays.
    • Cardiac Rehab and Cardiology: With a focus on cardiovascular health, Ellenville Regional Hospital offers cardiac rehabilitation and cardiology services, ensuring comprehensive care for patients with heart-related concerns.
    • Clinical Pharmacy Services: The inclusion of clinical pharmacy services speaks to the hospital’s dedication to a holistic approach, integrating pharmaceutical expertise into patient care plans.
    • Digital Diagnostic Imaging: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the hospital provides digital diagnostic imaging services, aiding accurate and timely diagnoses.
    • Emergency Services: Access to an award-winning emergency department showcases Ellenville Regional Hospital’s commitment to prompt and efficient emergency care.
  2. Specialized Programs:
    • Neurology: The neurology department addresses conditions affecting the nervous system, emphasizing the hospital’s commitment to comprehensive medical specialties.
    • Oncology & Hematology: Specialized services in oncology and hematology underline the hospital’s dedication to fighting cancer and blood disorders, offering advanced treatments and compassionate care.
    • Orthopedics and Sports Medicine: The inclusion of orthopedic and sports medicine services highlights a commitment to musculoskeletal health, catering to both injury prevention and rehabilitation.
    • Pulmonology and Subacute Rehabilitation: With a focus on respiratory health, the hospital offers pulmonology services alongside a subacute rehabilitation program for patients requiring extended care.
    • Urology and Women’s Health: The hospital’s urology and women’s health departments showcase a commitment to addressing specific healthcare needs, ensuring a comprehensive range of services for the community.
  3. Patient-Centric Approach:
    • Patient Care Planning: The hospital’s emphasis on patient care planning reflects a personalized approach, tailoring healthcare strategies to individual needs.
    • Language Assistance: Acknowledging the diverse community it serves, Ellenville Regional Hospital provides language assistance, ensuring effective communication with all patients.
    • Pastoral Care: The inclusion of pastoral care signifies the hospital’s recognition of the spiritual and emotional aspects of healthcare, contributing to a holistic healing environment.
  4. Innovative Healthcare Initiatives:
    • Digitalization and Innovation: The hospital’s incorporation of digital diagnostic imaging and other innovative technologies showcases a commitment to staying at the forefront of healthcare advancements.
    • COVID Rehabilitation: In response to the global pandemic, Ellenville Regional Hospital has established COVID rehabilitation services, addressing the unique challenges faced by individuals recovering from the virus.
    • Telehealth Services: The hospital’s adaptability is reflected in its embrace of telehealth services, providing patients with remote access to medical consultations and support.
  5. Community Focus and Vision:
    • Mission and Vision: Ellenville Regional Hospital’s mission emphasizes exceptional healthcare services delivered with compassion, respect, and a commitment to community health.
    • Core Values: The hospital’s core values, including compassion, resourcefulness, innovation, trust, integrity, and community focus, underscore its dedication to providing quality care.
    • Training and Affiliation: The hospital’s vision includes an expansion of its role in training the next generation of healthcare providers, contributing to the overall healthcare infrastructure of the region.

Ellenville Regional Hospital stands as a paragon of healthcare excellence, embodying its mission to provide exceptional services with a patient-centric focus. From its cutting-edge medical facilities to its commitment to community health, the hospital continues to evolve, setting the standard for Critical Access Hospitals nationwide. Through innovation, specialization, and a steadfast dedication to its core values, Ellenville Regional Hospital is truly working to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of its community.